Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and Depression are the keys to feeling better!

When someone comes to me with anxiety and, or, depression I become


That’s because it means that his or her emotional barometer is working!!!

Barometers and other instruments of measure give us readings. The readings inform us. And once we get their information, we then know how to address the situation.

Like any measuring instruments, the reading can indicate that something is off. We can therefore take action.

If a barometer reading, for instance, indicates that there is a drop in atmospheric pressure, it is likely that there will be wet weather. We can arm ourselves with an umbrella and raincoat.

If a thermometer indicates that a child has a temperature, the parent can take action by keeping the child home from school, providing appropriate care, and taking the day off from work to be home.

Your feelings are your emotional barometers.

Your emotions are your signals that something is not right. Knowing how to read them is a wonderful gift. But it’s often very difficult to know how to take action and address them.

You may have been taught to think you have to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.

That you should be stronger. Conquer your fears. Ignore anxiety. Pull ourselves together.

Push through the sadness and “just do it.”

But what if there’s another way?

What if we didn’t look at anxiety and depression as our enemies?
If we befriended them instead?
Used them for powers for good?

Instead of feeling ashamed that you can’t “suck it up” and “just get over it,” you can look to your symptoms for clues to how to help yourself feel better.

Uncomfortable symptoms rarely go away on their own. They’ll refuse to be ignored and stick around until you pay attention to them.

Because your emotions and symptoms are here to help you.

Embracing your symptoms without judgment and without stigma is a first step toward well-being.

Toward living the life you really want to live!

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Learn how to make friends with the feelings you’ve worked so hard to shun.