Chronic Disorganization

If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?

~ Albert Einstein

Clutter-bugs, take comfort!

Chronic disorganization.

From mild clutter confined to designated spots in your home to the not-so-mild behavior of hoarding, many of us fall someplace within this continuum.

I would even venture to write that chronic neatness lies on this spectrum, as well.

Disorganization can take other forms, as well, such as time management challenges.

Running late for appointments. Always falling behind. Difficulty extricating yourself from one task when moving on to another.

You’re working hard at these tasks, working hard at keeping your schedule, working hard to keep your home and space at work organized… and yet.

And YET.

These aren’t happening for you the way you want.

Bills remain unpaid; mail piles up.

Corners in your home have grown mounds of various items. Clothes, keepsakes, things you don’t know where to store. The bottom of your closet houses untold mysteries.

You’re late again to work. Late to meet up with a friend.

You don’t even know where to start.

It’s at times difficult to plan and follow through with other projects.

You feel badly about yourself. Embarrassed to have friends and family over.

Romantic relationships suffer.

It’s affecting the office, as well – you used to know where everything was. You could find anything you needed with ease. But now, you find yourself wasting precious time searching for needed papers.

Being disorganized is not the same thing as being lazy. Nor is it the same thing as being unclean.

You may be experiencing added anxiety about your personal spaces because you’re worried about how people will judge you.

On your efforts, diligence, enthusiasm – even cleanliness.

This worry adds an extra layer to the feeling of being overwhelmed – which can create additional obstacles blocking your attempts to be better organized.

You’re not alone.

Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg – these are just a few of the names of geniuses who are said to have been, or to be, messy and disorganized, at least at their desks.

The list goes on to include many, many other names, including a number of CEOs of wildly successful companies. Those very productive geniuses who have contributed immensely to our society.

Because our society values neatness and organization (think “The Container Store” and “California Closets”), it can be difficult to escape the fear of judgment from others… and from yourself.

But what if, instead of equating disorganization with laziness and uncleanliness, you equated your messy disorganization with the understanding that there is a finite amount of time in the day? That you have to prioritize what’s most important (organizing papers and items not making the cut)?

And the understanding that perhaps you’re being uber productive with your time in other ways… instead of spending time organizing our belongings?!?

I believe in Beautiful Messes. That we’re all Works in Progress. And that being productive is a key ingredient for happiness.

To clarify, I’m not saying that living with clutter and being disorganized is something to strive for.

Or something to be ignored.

If clutter and time disorganization are interfering with the quality of your life, that is, your ability to be productive, your happiness and comfort levels, and your relationships, then it’s time to focus your energy on resolving this issue.

This does not mean, however, that you must have a personal space that is 100% neat and organized and kept up to that degree continually. The goal, rather, is to aim for building flexibility into your life. To live in moderation. To acquire the ability to live somewhere in between total neatness and total disorganization.

I’ll help you EMBRACE who you are. IDENTIFY judgments about yourself that are getting in the way. FIND and PRACTICE new ways of thinking. LEARN how to plan effectively, to tackle clutter and maintain organization in your physical environment, and in your schedule.

All the while maintaining the essence of YOU. Your sense of self, creativity, and productivity. A plan that is YOU.

As we work together, you’ll learn to streamline and organize your home and work environment and your schedule – you’ll feel comfortable in your own surroundings and while moving through your day.


You can look forward to feeling free of judgment. From yourself. From others.

Free so you can experience greater happiness and enjoy your personal relationships without hesitation.

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Let’s exterminate those clutter-bug tendencies today!