Individual Therapy

And if not now, when?

~Hillel the Elder

Happiness begins when you are being good to yourself.

We hear the term “self-care” all too often.

You think, “I should go to the gym.” “I should eat clean.” “I should go to sleep early.” “I should read a book.” “I should get outside more.” “I should socialize more often.” “I should go to therapy.”

The list of self-care items goes on and on. Why don’t you do them then? Because they’re just more items on your “To Do” list.

These statements and ideas are motivated by guilt. They feel like chores. They are oppressive.

Who wants to get chores done, anyway?

When you get caught up in the pattern of thinking about your own well-being needs as “shoulds” you risk the great potential to feel even worse than you already do. Adding an extra layer of stress, anxiety, perhaps depression, or even anger.

I want you to feel joy when you are moving through your day and when you are focusing on your own needs.

Therapy is a perfect and gentle start to practicing being good to yourself.

Being in therapy is the definition of being kind to yourself.

You may even actually want to go to the gym, eat healthily, and go to sleep early. But you can’t find the time. “I have to make dinner.” “I have to take care of family members.” “I’m exhausted.” Or “I don’t have enough money.”

Telling ourselves that we don’t have the time or the money to do the things that will nourish our bodies and souls is an artificial roadblock to well-being.

They are lies we tell ourselves, serving to keep us unhappy. In the now – and in the future.

Loving your life begins when you value yourself.

I trust that you already rationally understand the long-term negative results of thinking in this manner. Of the immense financial and health costs that will occur tomorrow if you believe and act as if you don’t have enough time and money to take care of yourself today.

“If not now, then when?”

It gives me chills to think that this particular wisdom reaches out to us from the ancient past. That a sage from the end of the 1st millennium BCE is connecting to us today with his words of clarity.

Urging us on how to live our lives, politically, socially, humanely, and environmentally. How to live our lives at the very core of our being.

A profound reminder that time waits for no one. That our thoughts, dreams, and ideas must be acted upon in this very moment to make an impact in the world. Lest the time slips away from us. And our intentions no longer matter. Our meaning no longer remembered.

But now it’s time that your heart believes what your brain already knows.

In your work with me, you will learn and gather tools to help you curate how to nourish yourself in a way that is revitalizing; in a way that enables you to focus on your body’s and soul’s own needs so that you have more of you to give back to the people who, and things that, matter most to you.

Your heart will finally truly understand that by spending the time and money on what matters most… your physical, mental, and emotional health, you actually save money and time. And you begin to love your life!

What’s on your “To Do” list?

If you still insist on making a self-care “To Do” list anyway, put just one item on your list today. To call me at
(914) 400-3617.

Together, we’ll aim to take the shoulds out of your vocabulary. And put the joy back into your day.