Telebehavioral Health: Your Key to Success

TIME: A challenge we all face.

Not having enough time in the day to complete tasks.
Always running behind.
Not having enough time for fun.
Having competing responsibilities within a small window of time.
Feeling pressured and rushed.
Not efficiently scheduling time.
Having too much time on your hands.
Not having enough time for self-care.
Feeling that time is wasted.
Wishing the time away.
Wondering where time went.
Wishing that we had more time with a loved one.
Wishing that we could slow down time.
Knowing that time will run out…

But now, you have a flexible option for therapy!

I provide therapy via computer, or telephone, so you can greatly increase your chance of success in therapy.

Whether you call it telebehavioral health, telemental health, telehealth, teletherapy, remote therapy, online therapy, or video counseling, they all amount to the same thing: psychotherapy delivered to you through technology.

I know what you may be thinking: “I want to be there in person. It seems weird to meet for therapy any other way.”

So, let me ask you something.

If you’ve been in therapy before, why did it come to an end? If you’ve never been in therapy before, what’s been holding you back?

Chances are, the challenge of fitting therapy into your schedule has been one of these reasons.

Teletherapy, then, may be the answer to how to reclaim your most valuable commodity… time.

Time can make you… or break you.

Ultimately, time can be the difference between success and stress. The difference between joy and fear.

Truly ironic for people seeking therapy because they’re overwhelmed by demands on their time!

You need to see your therapist, and you commit to the session, but the traffic! Travel time drains precious time and energy, and it’s often a deal breaker.

It makes sense: low on time, low on energy, not feeling 100%. Now imagine the weather’s horrible, and the deal’s off. No therapy, no gym, no trip to the store for milk or bread. “Some other time,” you say.

You will go get milk and bread in the very near future, because you will be hungry.

But once you start canceling therapy sessions, there’s a good chance you’ll fall off and discontinue entirely. Without addressing the factors of time and energy, you’ll likely continue to miss therapy sessions because these commodities will still be in demand.

Consistency is the key to success… for any endeavor.

Therapy is no different. When you attend therapy regularly, you’re then committed and can use therapy to make the desired changes.

Voila! Success happens!

Teletherapy preserves your commodity of time. It provides you with consistency and, thus, greatly increases your success rate. In other words, you’ll feel better!

Attending teletherapy meetings regularly becomes even easier for other reasons, as well, such as experiencing therapy in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Teletherapy can be the beginning… of your solution.

Having a way to be in therapy while preserving as much time in your day as possible.
Always being able to attend sessions even when you are feeling tired and sluggish.
Enabling you to fulfill your caretaker role at home and still attend meetings.
Being able to attend therapy, even in unpleasant weather.
Always being able to attend therapy even if you do not have transportation.
Able to receive services even if you do not have therapists in your local community.
Having a way to attend therapy when you’re in pain or medically ill.
Embracing the convenience, making it easier to attend meetings consistently.
Feeling good about being able to keep your promise of change to yourself.
Knowing that you’re using your time wisely.
Knowing that you still have time to spend with your loved ones.
Having time for fun and self-care.
Preserving your privacy by not being spotted entering a psychotherapy office.

If you live in New York State and are physically located within New York State during our sessions, my licensing board allows me to provide teletherapy services to you.

I’ve been providing telebehavioral health services since 2013. I earned a certificate from the Telehealth Certification Institute to ensure that I am knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of providing telemental health services to you, including preserving your confidentiality and privacy when using technology.

Find the key.

Call me at (914) 400-3617 for a free phone consultation. Be one step closer. Find the key to preserving your most precious commodity – your time – while making great strides in your personal development.